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Jalabiya & Thobe Day - Preschool

Ahlia Preschool National Day Celebrations are extended throughout the month of December . As part of our celebrations we had the “Jalabeya & Thobe Day”. Our preschoolers came to school dressed in the The traditional Bahraini Womens & Mens outfit - Jalabeya & Thobe. During the day , all classes had Bahraini Rayooq (Breakfast) in the Majlis set up in the Reception lobby. Please visit our photo g...

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Green Day 2017 (Prenursery & Nursery)

In the month of November, Pre-nursery and Nursery were learning 'All about plants'. As part of this theme children were learning all about different kinds of plants, how they come in different shapes, sizes and colors and how a seed can turn into a plant. The activities throughout the day were focused on the color Green. For more pictures, visit our photo gallery....

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Children's Day 2017

Children's Day at Ahlia School was held on the 23rd of November 2017 for the Elementary & Middle school students and on 20th November 2017 for the Preschoolers. It is a global celebration of the rights and well being of children around the world. It is a day dedicated to celebrating as well as appreciating the role that children play in shaping the future of all communities around the world. On th...

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White Day- Happiness Day

Happiness is Contagious, Let it start with you... A Spirit Day Today at Ahlia School, Where staff came to work in WHITE, an initiative to spread the spirit of happiness and unity and positivity. For more pictures on the White day, please visit our photo gallery...

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Pink Day

The Preschool celebrated the Pink Day on 26th of October 2017. For more pictures of the event please visit our Photo gallery....

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