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Earth Day Celebrations 2018

To commemorate the Earth Day which is celebrated on 22nd of April every year, the Preschool held a "Go Green- Earth Day" activities throughout the week and a final celebration of the same on 26th of April 2018. In addition, to learn more about our planet, to raise awareness and demonstrate support for environmental protection, another event Fancy recycled Materials Dress up Parade was conducted o...

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PTC (Elementary & Middle school)

A Parent Teacher Conference for the Elementary & Middle school was held on the 19th of April, 2018. ...

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Happy/Smile Day

As part of the Happy Day Celebrations for Elementary & Middle School children, all our students came dressed up in color dresses and there had surprise gifts at school....

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American Mission Visit to school

To promote Health Awareness and to increase students' knowledge of healthy habits, a visit from American mission hospital was organised on the 10th and 11th of April 2018. Awareness about the importance of healthy diet and hygenic measures to prevent infections and promote better health was given to the students. The height, weight, BMI and vision examinations were done for our students and a nut...

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Family Day Celebrations 2018

In celebration of the Family Day on the 21st of March, our students came dressed up to school wearing green outfit and had an opportunity to visit our Outdoor Garden where they could buy potted plants for their loved ones. ...

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