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  • Ahlia School accepts students of all nationalities who wish to join our school. Our curriculum is geared towards average to above-average students.
  • Parents or guardians of any potential student are welcome to submit an application form at any time throughout the school year.
  • According to Bahrain’s Ministry of Education requirements, each student is eligible to apply for the appropriate age range for the grade to which he/she is applying for.
  • The designated application fees should be paid prior to any registration process. Enrollment is based on availability.


  • BD 30 Application Fee is due upon returning your child’s file to Ahlia School officials.
  • BD 200 Registration Fee is due upon acceptance to the school.
  • The 1st installment of tuition is due May 2011.
  • BD 50 (Pre-school)/ BD 100 (Elementary) Book Fee is due September 14th.
  • BD 50 (Pre-school)/ BD 100 (Elementary) Stationary fee is due on the first day of school.
  • BD 300 Transportation Fee is due in September of 2011.


Prior to acceptance, parents should provide a:

  • Copy of Student ID CPR
  • Copy of vaccination and certificate
  • (6) Photos 2x2 in.
  • (2) Photos 11.7 x 8.3 in.
  • Copy of previous school report cards


  • All Ahlia School application forms should be completed and submitted to Ahlia School.
  • Transferees from schools within Bahrain should be sent from the child’s previous school. If the student is transferring from schools outside Bahrain, the equivalent certificates from the Ministry of Education should be submitted as well.
  • According to admission policy requirements, tuition fees must be paid to the school cashier before students start school. Inquiries about this may be made to the reception staff, or through the school website.
  • The school administration reserves the right to place a student at the most appropriate grade level. This decision is based on the overall assessment of the student including academic skill level. It is also based upon careful consideration of the student’s educational history, records, references, and behavior.


  • Admission to Preschool (2-5 years old) will not be based on a screening test, rather it will be based on the child’s ability to reasonably understand and speak Basic English.
  • An informal interview with the child will take place prior to acceptance and registration. The interview session may last for A few hours.
  • During the informal interview the child will be given the chance to use the play area, with its Learning Centers, use the various educational materials, interact with other children, and the interviewee.

The observer will fill out a form that reflects indicators of the following as reflected during the interview session:

  • Emotional and social maturity skills.
  • Readiness for academic skills (follows directions, completes tasks, focus, solve problems...)
  • Physical readiness (Fine and Large Motor skills)
  • Language and communication abilities.

Ahlia School’s Consultant will then review data before approving admission.


The student will be given an appointment for screening exams appropriate to the grade the student is applying for. The exam includes English language and mathematics. An Arabic exam will be conducted for placement reasons. We will also evaluate the student's maturity, overall attitude, discipline, social interaction, responsibility, effort, willingness to learn, overall conduct and general knowledge.

The student is required to have sufficient listening and speaking proficiency in English to follow instructions and explanations in the classroom. He/she must be able to express his/her ideas in written English and read with comprehension at an established grade level.

The exam will be given to groups of students every Wednesday 11:00AM - 3:00PM.

Teachers will then forward the evaluation form with comments on their observation/results of the exams and their recommendation to the school consultant.

Student’s previous school reports and report cards will be carefully reviewed.

School consultant will then review the filled forms before approving the admission of each child.


Ahlia School abides by the regular calendar for international schools in Bahrain.

The following table reflects the tentative days of school for faculty, staff, and students.

 First day of work 2011Last day of work 2012Winter BreakSpring Break 2012Total # of workdays
Administration and
Business Office
July 4th17th Dec. – Jan.1st April 3-7200
School TeachersAugust 
June 28th17th Dec. - Jan.1stApril 3-7194
June 26th17th Dec. - Jan.1stApril 3-7178
First-Third Grade studentsSeptember
June 26th17th Dec. – Jan.1stApril 3-7180


Pre-Nursery- KG1:

Drop Off: Not earlier than 7:00AM
Class Hours: 7:15AM - 12:30PM
Last Pick Up: 12:55


Drop Off: Not earlier than 7:00AM
Class Hours: 7:15AM - 1:20PM
Last Pick Up: 1:40

First -3rd Grade:

Drop Off: Not earlier than 7:00AM
Class Hours: 7:15AM - 2:05PM
Last Pick Up: 2:20PM


  • August 30th – September 1st: Eid al-Al-Fitr
  • 6-8th of November: Eid al-Al-Adha
  • Hijri (Lunar) new Year 26-27th of November
  • 4th and 5th of Muharram (Ashoora’s) {Dec.}
  • 16-18th December: National Day
  • January 1st: Start of The New Year
  • February 5th 2012: Prophet’s Birthday
  • May 1st: Labor Day

Early dismissal days for students will be determined and parents will be notified upon school opening.


  • After completing the admission process, a student may be offered a place in the school for immediate start or to start in the new academic year.
  • In case a grade level is full, the parent is welcome to request the entry of the child’s name onto the school’s waiting list.
  • The registrar manages the waiting list. Siblings are given preference provided all the admission criteria are met.


Withdrawals sometime occur during the school year. The following procedures should be followed in case of withdrawal:

  • The parent must inform the school in writing indicating the final day of attendance.
  • Parents are responsible to ensure the return of all textbooks, library books, and any unsettled fees.
  • Clearance must be obtained from the Accounting Department, Resource Center, Library, and Classroom Teachers.
  • Students withdrawing from school prior to the last day of school or during the school year will be given transfer grades only.

On other occasions a school official might ask parents to withdraw their child from school for reasons such as:

  • The student cannot fulfill the school’s academic expectations.
  • Parents have provided the school with false information or qualifications that might hinder the student’s learning or other students as well.

Since Ahlia School has limited resources to accommodate students with special needs, during the application phase, parents must inform the school of assessments, evaluations, or assistance a student has received in the previous school or privately. When applying, parents should mention any area in which they suspect their child may be having difficulty. If after admitting a student it is apparent that the student has learning needs beyond the resources of AS, the student may be withdrawn. This withdrawal will result in no legal or financial liability for Ahlia School.


Parents are eligible for discounted fees based on the following:

  • Parents registering siblings get a 10% discount on the school fees only.
  • Withdrawing the students who received discounted fees during the school year cancels the discount awarded earlier.


Ahlia School understands that there could be changes in people’s plans some times. We will do our very best to cooperate with parents on this issue, but we need to clarify some points:

  • Registration fee of (BD200) is non refundable in cases of withdrawal.
  • If the student withdraws prior to the first day of school, the student’s parents/guardians are eligible to claim a refund of 50% of the school fees paid.
  • If the student withdraws after the second installment of the school fees are paid, then the student’s parents/guardians are not eligible to any school fee refunds.


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