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Examinations and Ongoing Assessments: The School has an assessment structure that contains chapter tests, quizzes, comprehension and spelling tests. In addition, Students who are in Grade 6 and above will be examined by Mid Term and Final exams. All students are expected to abide by the following rules during any exam:

1. Pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and water bottles are allowed

2. Students are not allowed to speak during the exam or leave their seats. In case Students would like instructions explained to them, they should raise their hand and wait for the Teacher to come to them

3. In case your child finished earlier than the other students, he/she may quietly read a book until everyone is finished, the book must not be related to the exam

4. Students are expected to answer all questions in the exam and sign their names

5. In case your child is caught cheating, the exam will not be graded and Parents will be contacted by the School’s Administration Team.

Reports Cards/ Progress Reports:Report Cards/Progress reports will be received towards the end of the 1st and 2nd Semesters. These reportsare to inform students/parents of difficulties and to promote students ’awarenessoftheir own progress.

Semester Reports: A Report Card will be given at the end of each semester.
Arabic, English and Math continuums willdescribeeffort,skills,workethics and overall achievement for all subjects. These written remarks will be sent home. These reports will highlight each student’s achievements through out the semester.

Pre-School Reports: Pre-School reports include the student’s skills and assessments pertaining to their fine motors kills and their social behavior will be distributed to Parents twice a year. Parents of KG 1 and KG 2 students will also receive weekly progress reports.

SchoolRewards: Ahlia School has are ward system designed to motivate students by recognizing the great things that they do. This encourages the students to become better in their behavior, work hard individually and as a team with their peers.

Pre-school has a reward structure such as Star of the Week and Student of the Week.

Elementary has systems such as Star of the Week and a House Points where Elementary Schoolissplitintofour houses;eachhousewillcontain students from all Grades.

House points system encourages students from different grades to become friends and work towards common goals.The houses, each house will compete and the individual points earned by students will count towards house total. Winners will be announced and praised at Assembly and awarded weekly and monthly certificates. Students will also be awarded for their individual scores.

Extra-Curricular Activities: Students will be encouraged to participate in creative learning activities such as: field trips, reading, photography, games, science, cooking, art, etc. These activities will be in addition to school shows and events. The PTA, Staff and Students will be encouraged to monitor an after school activity.

Library: Books in the Ahlia School Library are in English, Arabic, and French. Our library is organized according to the universal Dewy-Decimal system. Students will be allowed to check-out books during their library period and during recess. Each student can check-out more than one book for a duration of one week. If books are not returned in the afore mentioned time frame, the following will occur:

♦The student will receive a note of reminder and will not be allowed to check out any more books.

♦If the books have not been returned after the reminder is distributed, another note will go home for a parental signature.

♦After the parental signature form is received by the Librarian or classroom teacher,the student can resume checking out books.

♦If the form is not signed and returned, teachers will call the respective parents to encourage them to do so.

♦If the materials are still not returned, a fine will occur of BD5-10 or more.

Recycle-Re-new-Re-use: Students are encouraged to recycle and reuse used items that may even result in a neclecticart project in school. Further more there will be recycling bins located on the schools premises where Parents and Students can drop their used items.

Tutoring Policy: Private tutoring of Ahlia School students must be approved by the School’s Direction. Parents are not permitted to request Teachers to privately tutor their child/children for any subject. However, private tutoring will be considered on a case basis for example missed class room time for a valid reason.

Guidance: Teachers are responsible for setting thet one for responsible behavior in the classroom. Ahlia School has initiated the use of student action slips (please see Student Action Slips section below).This system is used to minimize bad behavior and non-compliance to the school’s policies.

Student Action Slips:Slips are in (3) colors and have been designed to address the following issues:

♦Student Behavior (Red)

♦Student Dress Code (Blue)

♦Home work (Dark Yellow)

⇒ In case your child receives a student action slip in their diary on any of the above issues, he/she will be referred to the Guidance Counselor. Students will know the reasons of why they have been referred to Guidance by Teachers and/or the administration. It is expected that students should not receive a 2nd and 3rd notice.

⇒ In case your child does receive a 2nd and 3rd notice and does not improve, Parents will be contacted for a meeting with the Guidance Counselor, Home room Teacher and/or School’s Direction.

⇒ In case your child still does not improve, it maybe decided to control him/her under anin-house suspension method where the student will be excluded from all School activities, continue with his/her school work, and supervised in isolation from others.

⇒ Parents are a great source of knowledge and are encouraged to work with their children at home on the skills learned in class. Parents are welcome to discuss any concerns that they may have on their child’s progress at the Parent-Teacher Conferencesor they may schedule a meeting with their child’s Teacher.


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