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Ahlia School Third Graduation Ceremony 2023



Al-Ahlia School held it's third Graduation Ceremony on the 2nd of June 2023, Friday
In a solemn ceremony full of feelings and songs, under the auspicious presence of Professor Abdullah Al-Hawaj and the presence of honorary guests of public figures and dignitaries, and with the participation of parents of graduate students and members of the administrative and educational staff, Al-Ahlia School celebrated the graduation of the third cohort of its students in a joyful ceremony that was held in Al-Dana Hall in the Gulf Hotel.
On this occasion, the founding president of Al-Ahlia University and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Ahlia School, Prof. Abdullah Al-Hawaj, affirmed the competence of Al-Ahlia School graduates to study in various universities, prepare to serve the country and contribute positively to its construction, praising the prestigious position enjoyed by Al-Ahlia School, and thanking the efforts of the Director General of the school and all members of the two bodies, educational and administrative.
Professor Al-Hawaj praised the advanced levels of personalities of the students and graduates of the Ahlia School. Addressing the graduates, he said: You are the leaders of the future, and Bahrain needs you, and the problems you will face are opportunities through which you will show your capabilities and creativity and create solutions for them. We are all confident in you.
The Director General of the school, Dr. Mohammed Ali Habib, expressed his pride in the distinction and excellence achieved by the graduates of the third batch of Al-Ahlia School students, extending his warmest congratulations to the graduate students and their parents, and expressing his thanks and appreciation to all the school’s teachers and staff. He added: Our psychology of success has a value that distinguishes and excels all of our students without exception. Our school stimulates the creativity of its students and enhances their self-confidence through it. Our graduates set the finest examples of good citizens on the land of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Amidst the warmth of feelings and tears of joy, a number of fathers and mothers of the graduate students expressed their feelings of love and pride towards the excellence of their children and the efforts of the school administration and teachers.

The graduate students presented, in both Arabic and English, a set of artistic and literary words and paragraphs expressing their love for the homeland and their pride in their graduation with distinction from the National School. The graduate students’ words were read by students Duha Al-Mutawa, Maria Hasan Frookh, Komail Shaker and Zahraa Fayez.